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Open University / Ready to Study 2024

On Saturday, June 8, 2024, the Open University will once again take place from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the Schlossplatz of the Lower Castle in Siegen. Citizens, students and prospective students, alumni and all members of the university are cordially invited to attend when students, researchers and employees give an insight into their work.

At over 50 stands and hands-on stations, visitors can find out all about university life and get active themselves. The day will be accompanied by lots of music – from the university big band to pop and rock bands.

The Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) organizes the Ready to study information fair as part of the Open University. This is aimed specifically at prospective students who would like to find out more about the University of Siegen and the study options available.

Stage program

10.00 h:
Uni Bigband (conducted by Martin Reuthner)

10.30 h:
Official opening of the event by the Rector of the University of Siegen, Stefanie Reese and the Mayor of the City of Siegen, Steffen Mues

10.40 h:
Uni BigBand (conducted by Martin Reuthner)

11.20 h:
K-Pop dance group @heavenly_prodigies

12.00 h:
JazzRockPop-Ensemble of the University of Siegen (directed by Mario Mammone)

13.00 h:
K-Pop dance group @heavenly_prodigies

13.40 h:
Steve Next Door (indie rock)

14.50 h:
Sanner (metalcore)

Information and action stands at the Open University

1: Hurdle portfolio – studying art as a teacher
You can take the opportunity to create a work for your portfolio on site – we will be on hand with information, tips and suggestions.

2: Building and Property Management – Department 5 introduces itself!
Take a look behind the scenes with us – we offer guided tours of technology and buildings.
We look forward to your questions about our diverse tasks.

3: Experience STEM
Scientific and technical experiments for the whole family. Here you can carry out exciting experiments yourself and take the results home with you.

4: Making the invisible visible
We want to find details or information that remain hidden to the eye. With the help of microscopy on the one hand and radar signals on the other, small and large things in our surroundings can be detected.

5: AI brewery at the Buschhütten campus
Find out how the IPEM Chair is working with industrial partners from the brewing industry to improve the traditional brewing process using state-of-the-art AI technology.

6: CivilING
As a civil engineer, you are in demand in all areas of civil society – housing, infrastructure, climate change and mobility are looking for innovative engineering solutions today and tomorrow.

7: Social pedagogy – in Siegen!
Siegen Institute for Social Pedagogy presents courses, practical contacts and research activities on topics such as education, crime, poverty, disability and mobility.

8: MINT-Abenteuer
Immerse yourself in exciting MINT experiments and tricky escape games and discover the world of science in a completely new and exciting way.

9: Studierendenwerk Siegen – making studying a success!
We make sure that you can devote yourself fully to your studies. Sign up for a guided tour of the canteen or take a spin on our wheel of fortune! There’s face painting for kids.

10: Bits, bytes and education – computer science for everyone
Computer science is more than just zeros and ones. Parents, pupils and teachers can explore the world of algorithms in a fun way at Didaktik der Informatik.

11: WERTE IT project
We are researching how inclusive management can improve cooperation for people with disabilities in organizations.

12: Experience the diversity of Romance studies
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Romance studies through drama pedagogical units, mini language courses and cultural-historical encounters on a multimedia level – an unforgettable experience awaits you.

13: 25 years of the Science Forum
We will be presenting the Science Forum activities offered by the AG Didaktik der Chemie for school classes and a chemistry project course at the SFS Olpe will be presenting the results of its work.

14: Our digital present: new forms of cooperation
The DFG Collaborative Research Center „Media of Cooperation“ explores our digital living environments.

15: Media studies at your fingertips
Insights into the study of media studies. Film, sound and image in your hands.
To watch: Practical media productions. Take part: Test your DJ skills live on the turntable (and find out what this has to do with media studies).

16: Get to grips with your studies with your FSR SLM
Whether it’s about individual courses and work, general study conditions or student life – we represent your interests and support you!

17: USK57
Game(s), game evenings, festivals, lectures, excursions, research & teaching with the USK57 games initiative, the GamesCoop research group and the Play & Game Studies minor. Join in!

18: ReSis MitWelt – Resilient living labs for sustainable coexistence
Exchange and discussion about local living labs in the areas of „sharing, producing, repairing and educating“

19: Information stand
Here you can find all the information you need about the Open University, register for a guided tour of the library or purchase popular items from our UniShop.

20: Music goes to school
Study music in Siegen

21: Architecture in Siegerland
The Department of Architectural History focuses on buildings in the region, which are researched and placed in their historical and socio-political context.

22: Fab Lab Siegen Occupational health and safety
Innovation and occupational health and safety – is that even possible? Get to know the Fab Lab and occupational health and safety. Together we stand for an innovative and safe environment at the University of Siegen!

23: Fachschaftsrat Lehramt GHR (FSR GHR)
We are the student representatives for the degree programs: Primary School, HRSGe and IFP. We help with studies, advise, inform and organize events such as the ESE week.

24: Make the university an „OASE“
Your interest: Primary school teaching? Come along, find out what „OASE“ means and how we can support you during your studies. You can get an insight on Instagram: @oase_lernwerkstatt

25: University of Siegen: We shape sustainability
Education for sustainability as a joint task of the University of Siegen. We show the diverse priorities we set and how we take concrete action.

26: Teacher training courses at the Universityof Siegen
The Center for Teacher Training and Educational Research provides information about teacher training courses. Staff from the Teacher Training Learning Workshop are available to answer individual questions.

27: Feel the start-up spirit
Everything revolves around start-ups, founding and entrepreneurship here. Talk to our coaches and founders, get inspired and experience the start-up scene!

28: dime:US – Shaping digitality in a human way
Contemporary teaching with a focus on students is important to us. We show where students can participate with us, how we support teaching staff and develop the university together.

29: The fascination of the nanocosmos!
Visit us and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the nanocosmos, where you can experience cutting-edge research with electron microscopes down to the atomic scale!

30: Innovative materials of the future
How do building materials become high-quality and sustainable? How can implants ward off bacteria? Find out how „nano“ makes concrete or metal exciting, design nano jewelry and experience concrete art.

31: What makes children tick?
Developmental psychology infant and toddler research in action.

32: Connect during your studies with Study & Consult
As a student consultancy, we help you to develop personally and professionally, gain your first practical experience in the field of management consulting and network with like-minded students.

33: Freedom 2024
The House of Science is dedicated to the theme of the Science Year 2024 „Freedom“.
Saturdays at 12, Mirko Drotschmann, US – C 116: „The fight for freedom – Germany’s long road to democracy“. Our stand: knowledge quiz, craft activity, information.

34: How does NRW speak?
The Dialect Atlas of Central West Germany (DMW)

35: Artgërecht KunstWertSchätzen
At our events, we offer a stage to anyone who wants to present their art, whether it’s dance, music, poetry or something completely different.

36: Radius 92.1 – Ready for Radio?
Find out how your campus radio is made at the University of Siegen and put your music knowledge to the test in the quiz!

37: Generative artificial intelligence for images
We demonstrate how photos (which we are also happy to take live at the stand) can be altered and manipulated using artificial intelligence.

38: phil: Student advisory service
Are you interested in social issues, literature, media or languages? Then get to know our diverse and international range of courses at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

39: Socio-Informatics
Socio-Informatics deals with the adaptation of the digital. The development of IT should be done together with the users. We demonstrate this using various use cases.

40: FUSION – University and region in harmony
The rural-industrialized area as a field of experimentation for the university.

41: Zukunft Mittelstand
Get to know the diverse career opportunities in the SME sector – from start-ups to working in a family business to scientific research.

With ideas for kids, information and a quiz, Gestu_S, the Equal Opportunities and Family Service Office not only introduce themselves, but also answer all your questions.

43: 75 years of the Basic Law
Here you can test your knowledge of the Basic Law, find out more about the mothers of the Basic Law and gain an insight into the work of POLIS (Center for Political and Sociological Education) on educational issues in the social sciences

44: CultureNature Literacy – Anthropocene literacy
We are developing cultural sustainability as a new educational concept for a transformation of society as a whole using language, literature and art.

45: Discover the world!
The International Office and the Language Center provide information on stays abroad, international activities in Siegen and the university’s global partnerships.

46: Everything is made of atoms – how solid state physics explains the world
Why does a pencil line conduct electricity, how can the scanning tunneling microscope make atoms visible, why are salt crystals cube-shaped and sugar crystals sphenoidal?

47: Quantum science leads to new technologies
Learn the basics about quantum physical phenomena and new technologies such as quantum computers and quantum sensors.

48: Walter-Krämer-AStA
Chat with us over drinks and vegan waffles about university policy issues, student activities and where you can get involved with other students alongside lectures.

49: Central Student Advisory Service – Ready to Study
Advice & lectures on Bachelor’s studies

50: Mechanical engineering in action
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of mechanical engineering at the University of Siegen – this is where you shape the future!

51: Particle physics, the universe and me
What is matter made of? What forces act between particles? How did the universe come into being? What we know about it and what we are researching.

52: Big Bang On the Road
With games and interactive information, in particular a tour through the history of the universe, you get a perfect introduction to the world of particle physics.

53: Insight into the university library
From prison to library – guided tour & presentation, escape game „The secret in the library“, publishing and making discoverable with universi – how does it work?

54: Ready to Study – good advice for your studies
Information presentations about our Bachelor’s degree programs, talks with the Central Student Advisory Service, student experiences, financing your studies, student life and much more.

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